"You have done a great job with your Ty Cobb play and have always done it with a great deal of passion.”

David Dombrowski

President Baseball Operations, Boston Red Sox - Ex-CEO, President, GM Detroit Tigers

“Your show is a fine portrayal of my grandfather as I knew him. You captured his personality, demeanor, and wit."

Herschel Cobb Jr.

Ty Cobb’s Grandson

“I loved your wonderful presentation of my grandpa at the San Mateo County Historical Assoc."

Leslie McLaren

Ty Cobb’s Grand-Daughter

“You captured the essence of this legendary player…who was misunderstood by the public and brought him to life…"

Jim Kratsas

Deputy Director, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum. Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Your show is first class. Anyone that has the opportunity to see the performance will be glad they did."

Julie Ridgeway

Curator, Ty Cobb Museum, Royston, Georgia 

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