"As I look back over 2019, one of the highlights was your Ty Cobb show—masterful!"

-Dr. Charlotte Jacobs , Professor of Medicine, Stanford University Palo Alto, CA


“Your show is a fine portrayal of my grandfather as I knew him.

You captured his personality, demeanor, and wit.” 

-Herchel Cobb Jr, Ty Cobb’s Grandson


“I loved your wonderful presentation of my grandpa at the San Mateo County Historical Assoc.” 

-Leslie McLaren, Ty Cobb’s Grand-Daughter


“You captured the essence of this legendary player…who was misunderstood

by the public and brought him to life…”

-Jim Kratsas, Deputy Director, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum. Grand Rapids, Michigan


“You have done a great job with your Ty Cobb play

and have always done it with a great deal of passion.”

-David Dombrowski: Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins, GM; CEO, GM;

President Baseball Operations, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies.


“We cannot begin to count all the wonderful compliments we have received about the show you performed to help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ty Cobb Museum, July 28, 2018. 

The Museum and I thank you for your participation. 

You keep the memory of Ty Cobb alive."                                    

-Wesley Fricks, Executive Director, Ty Cobb Museum, Royston, Georgia


“Your show is first class. Anyone that has the opportunity

to see the performance will be glad they did.”

-Julie Ridgeway, Curator, Ty Cobb Museum, Royston, Georgia


 "Carry on Norm. Please let me know what your next career move is going to be.

I know you're planning something." 

-Rob Delantoni, Circle Video Productions, San Mateo, CA  


 “It is honor to have our mascots in your book.”   

 -Ken Schnacke, President, Columbus Clippers, Columbus, Ohio   


“Thanks for inviting our mascot Mason in your book. Attached is a photo, bio & team logo.”

-Jim Katz, GM, Columbia Fireflies  


 “We are pleased to have our mascot Looie in your Book 2. Mascots in Baseball.”

-Dan Kopf, Media, Chattanooga Lookouts


   ”We are honored to have Gus. our mascot in Book 2."

-Robert J. Perry, Vice President of Creative Services, Fredericksburg Nationals


“My GM, Nick Brown referred me to you.

We are pleased to have our mascots Stu & Swoon in your new book.”

-Chris Hagstrom, Assistant General Manager – Marketing & Media, South Bend Cubs  


"Thanks for including us.” 

-Allen Lawrence, Vice President, Salem Red Sox, Salem, Virginia    


"The books arrived today.  They look great!",

-James Henderson. General Manager, KHMB Radio, Half Moon Bay, CA


"I gave your book to my  9 yr old great-step-grandson, his dad was very enthusiastic about it

(the kids never tell me if they like or don't like a present)

even though they don't follow baseball. He liked the stories."

-Marijain Datson 


"We read about four new mascots every night before bed, my 4 year old loves it.

His favorite mascot so far is Wool E. Bull from Durham Bulls."

-Jeff Lantz  Senior Director, Communications, Minor League Baseball, 

9550 16th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 

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