Mascots in Baseball

This children’s book is unique, designed to give children across America an opportunity to see the many humorous mascots in Minor League Baseball they have laughed at and loved for many  years.
The two year long effort to compile this book is nearly over- indiegogo has shown much promise in helping to collect funding for the publisher's fees, and the stacks of printed book should arrive on or around Oct. 15.
       I would like to express my deep gratitude towards the individuals on the teams for their assistance
                  in seeing this project to completion. Now we can all enjoy the fruits of our efforts!
                                                      "It is an honor to have our mascot in your book."
                                         -Ken Schnacke, President, Columbus Clippers; Colombus, Ohio


"Mascots In Baseball in now published and available for purchase!

Be sure to get a copy now...




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